For some ungodly reason I still can’t get into my email because microsoft/hotmail keeps putting up weird security walls that require confirmation I can’t give them.

So I’ll be moving my contact stuff to a new cozy gmail account that isn’t annoying.

I’m currently staying at a friend’s house and trying to move households because of a personal situation. So if I have a commission lined up for you it might take a little longer than anticipated!

My main focus is staying self and in a place that will provide shelter at the least.

Finished one of my commissions!

This is a smaller version of a wallpaper I did for glitchescantrace!


Warm up sketch of my slightly altered fursona. Now with more puff and fluff and a stumpy tail!

Boop and squish all your bad thoughts and feelings and annoyances away!

Commishes are open yesss.

I need money to buy a plane ticket (among other things) so I can move out of the current living space I’m in and into a more healthy environment. I also need money for other important things like food and money to pay doctor bills for medicine and dentist things and stuff. ((I need a root canal done to stop the toothaches. *horrified noises*)) I also need money to help pay for college tuition and supplies and such. ((Books are expensive!))

If you can’t buy please signal boost! Pretty please.



Lazy sketches of Grimsy.

I was talking to Mudd about this concept story for a grim reaper kid who takes up jobs like all the other reapers do. But she just doesn’t seem to care and doesn’t check off what jobs she wants so she gets all of them including the worst and the hardest and generally doesn’t pay attention to anything on the application sheet. She ends up with a tiger skull which is one of the worst skulls you could possible choose and ends up in a giant city with no clue as to where she should go besides chilling in a run down apartment just so she can spend all her time gaming and skipping her appointments to guide someone to the gates of death or prolonging it because she’s caught up in a dungeon or boss fight.

Drawing lines by hand is the worst and I do it on a trackpad, but it definitely came out really nice!

A headshot of J’nangho for commission examples!

Edit: Forgot to unlock the layer with her markings!

Doodles of Wynn’s mommy.


Headshot of my Miqo’te J’nangho.